20-Month-Old Mauled by Pit Bulls, Grandmother Charged for Murder

August 02, 2017Aug 02, 2017

On Tuesday, a 20-month-old boy was mauled by two pit bulls in a Georgia home. The boy was attacked in his grandmother’s backyard when she was babysitting him.

In a preliminary investigation, detectives revealed that Sandra Adams, the boy’s grandmother, was outside of her home with him right before the attack happened. The report said that as Adams walked back into her home, the dogs ran out.

According to Fox News, the dogs knocked Adams to the ground and headed toward the boy. After a struggle, his grandmother was able to get the dogs away. She called the child’s mother, picked her up, and the three made their way to the closest urgent care.

According to the Hart County Deputy Coroner Scott Coleman, the child was immediately taken to the Reddy Urgent Care. He was pronounced dead shortly after.

The dogs were picked up by police and animal control and are currently under observation at a kennel. They will be observed for the next 24-48 hours before being euthanized.

Adams, the boy’s grandmother, was charged Wednesday afternoon with second-degree murder, second-degree cruelty to children, and involuntary manslaughter. According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, she had been previously cited multiple times by the Hartwell Police Department for maintaining disorderly animals.


Chief Davis of the police department said that he had only received complaints in the past about the dogs barking, but never about them being aggressive. The investigation is ongoing at this time.

The investigation is still ongoing. Check back for details as they are provided.

Please be praying for the toddler’s family during this difficult time. Please share your thoughts and prayers with us on Facebook. There is another recent story about a mom who left her kids to die in a hot car. The reason why is absolutely horrendous.

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