2022 Grammy Awards Postposed Until Further Notice

2022 Grammy Awards Reported Until Further Notification

As a boatload new Coronavirus variants have begun to sweep through countries worldwide, the Grammy Awards have decided that their annual award show will be postponed for the second consecutive year.

You may or may not be aware, the 2021 Grammy Awards were presented.The event, originally scheduled to take place on January 31st in 2021, was moved back 6 weeks to March 14, after a spike in coronavirus infections.

The 2022 Grammy Awards, originally scheduled for January 31, 2022, was postponed to make way for other events. However, there is no official date yet. Variety’sAccording to sources, Grammy executives are considering hosting the star-studded event in April or May. The annual award ceremony was set to be held at Los Angeles’s own Crypto.com Arena, formerly known as the Staples Center. However, given scheduling issues, including the Grammy’s 10-day-plus venue lockdown before the event, the Grammy’s may have to be moved to another location this year. 

After many artists cancelled their appearances, or complained about the possible health hazards, the postponement was made. The enclosed space could be a breeding ground of the airborne virus.

The Recording Academy CBSThe following joint statement was made:

“After careful consideration analysis with city and state officials, health and safety experts, the artist community and our many partners, The Recording Academy and CBSThe 64th Annual Grammy Awards Show has been postponed. Our top priority is to ensure the safety and health of our music community, our live audience, and the hundreds of people who tirelessly work to produce our show. The risk of the Omicron variant making it impossible to hold the show on January 31st is too high. We look forward to celebrating Music’s Biggest Night on a future date, which will be announced soon.”

Unlike the previous year’s award show, the Grammy’s does not plan on dialing back its usually lavish event. Instead, The Recording Academy CBS want to bring back the usual Grammy’s experience, with performances, a live audience, and the return of full Grammy-week events, which were canceled in 2021.

After you have viewed the completed project, Grammy nomination listIt was posted in November 2021. It is understandable that Grammy executives would want to return to its old glitz-and glam atmosphere. Notable artists like Justin Bieber, Doja Cat, H.E.R., Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, Lil Nas X, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, BTS, Silk Sonic, Saweetie, Baby Keem,This year, many more nominees have been nominated for awards. This list will undoubtedly result in a huge turnout for the company that already makes millions annually from the event.

We will soon have more information about the event.

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