20 sustainability heroes making waves in 2022 – FFA

Sustainability – whether it’s around the environmental impact of the underwear you just bought, or how you heat your home – is a topic on many people’s lips. Although we hear more about the laggards and less about the leaders, there are many people, projects, and companies that are making real changes. Each year, the Global Good AwardsChampion of the Best

In 2022, given the urgency needed, the panel of judges has introduced strict new thresholds and will no longer award ‘gold’, the top level of recognition, solely because an entrant has scored the highest in a category. Instead, the minimum scores required to be awarded to winners are 80 percent for gold and 75 percent for silver, and 70 percent for bronze. 

“We’re finally waking up to the enormous mountain we have to climb in this decade,” the award’s founder, Karen Sutton says about the decision. “Serious action can and will save our very existence. We cannot wait until 2029 to start.”

Here’s who took home the trophies this year. All were awarded gold, unless otherwise noted. 

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