1 Million Signature Boycott DELIVERED To Target Headquarters; Their Response?

May 12, 2016May 12, 2016

When the American Family Association (AFA) started the Boycott Target Pledge in response to the company's policy in allowing men who "self identify" as females to use the women's restrooms and fitting rooms in their stores, they received over 1.2 million signatures from conservatives and other common sense individuals who are concerned for the safety of women and girls.

According to One News Now, AFA hand delivered those signatures to Target's headquarters in Minneapolis. In response, Target simply doubled-down on their "inclusivity" policy. But they did try to assure AFA that they were taking steps to meet boycotters' demands.


Walker Wildmon of AFA said, "In this meeting, they announced to us that they were putting family restrooms in the rest of the 400 stores that do not have it."

But for many boycotters, that's not enough.

Wildmon said, "We simply told them that that is not the answer we're looking for, [that] we're looking for them to have men and women's separate restrooms and then a unisex option for anyone else who wants to use it."

Target refused to budge.

"This boycott is not about transgender individuals," he explained. "This boycott is about sexual predators and voyeurs who will use Target's restroom and changing room policy to gain access to their victims."

In essence, adding family restrooms doesn't change the policy that still allows men into women's restrooms.

What do you think about what Target said?