1 Dead, 18 Injured in Tragic Accident

September 18, 2017Sep 18, 2017

1 person is reported dead and 18 more injured after a private bus collided with an MTA bus in Queens earlier Monday. The crash took place in Flushing at the intersection of N. Boulevard and Main Street at around 6 am, according to the New York Post


Run by Travel and Tours, the private bus struck the city Q20 bus, and then quickly crashed into a corner Kennedy Pizza and Chicken while the MTA bus was smashed up against it. The identity of the 1 dead victim is not yet known, but it is certain that the man was killed in the tragic accident. The dead man was reportedly found underneath one of the buses, leading police to believe that he was a civilian. 

After the incident, firefighters rushed to the scene in order to use hydraulic extrication devices to free citizens trapped in the wrecked buses. 

"All the passengers were quickly taken off the buses, with the exception of one of the drivers, who was pinned in the bus and needed to be extricated. The victims were rushed to area hospitals, where seven of them are listed in critical condition," reports ABC7 New York.

Of the 18 other people injured, a total of 7 are in critical condition. The other 11 were listed in stable condition. 

“I was just coming from work. I thought it was a terrorist attack, I saw so many sirens and lights flashing,”  said observer Jay Rivera according to the New York Post. “I’ve never seen an accident of this magnitude. The impact must’ve spun the bus around. A lady told me that the buses hit at full speed. They have the Jaws of Life out, so you know it must be bad." 

In breaking news, a surprise guest made an appearance at the Emmys last night. When he came on stage, the audience totally lost it. 

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