College Shooting Leaves 19 Killed and 50+ Injured, Police Say Lone Gunman Killed Himself

October 17, 2018Oct 17, 2018

A devastating news story is making headlines around the globe after a terrible attack took place at a college. 19 people have been killed and over 50 more are said to have been wounded after a lone gunman opened fire.

The shooting took place on Wednesday at a college in Crimea. Police say the shooter has been identified as an 18-year-old student. They say he committed suicide after running through the school and shooting anyone he could find.

"The alleged perpetrator, named Vladislav Roslyakov, is reported to have run from room to room as he fired, starting in the canteen. He then shot himself dead, Russia's investigative committee said. Officials said initial examinations suggested all the victims died of gunshot wounds, but some reports speak of shrapnel injuries," reported BBC.

Some thought the initial attack may have been a terrorist attack. However, it now appears to have been all perpetrated by the lone student. A blast was also said to have occurred at the school. Details are still coming in from the scene.

We will bring you updates as they become available. Please take a moment and join us in praying for everyone who has been tragically affected by this attack.

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