Tragic: Identities of 17 Duck Boat Accident Victims Released, Includes 4 Young Children

July 21, 2018Jul 21, 2018

America is still in mourning following the duck boat tragedy that took place on Thursday, July 19th. The boat was traveling on Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri when it unexpectedly got caught in the middle of a severe thunderstorm.

The powerful winds and raging waters caused the boat to capsize and sink leaving more than two dozen people fighting for their lives. Sadly, 17 people drowned amidst the chaos and did not survive the accident.

Over the weekend, it was revealed that nine of the 17 victims were from the same family — the Coleman family. Two other family members survived the accident; one even spoke out about the truly tragic scenario in a devastating interview.

According to USA Today, the family was originally from Indiana. The victims were spread out over three generations and consisted of three elderly family members: Horace Coleman, 70, and his wife Belinda Coleman, 69, as well as 76-year-old Ervin Coleman.

Parents and their young children also lost their lives in the boating accident: Angela Coleman, 45, and her 2-year-old son Maxwell Coleman; Glenn Coleman, 40, and his three children Evan Coleman, 7, Reece Coleman, 9, and Arya Coleman, 1.

The identities of the other eight victims were also released over the weekend. In addition to the Coleman family, six other elderly people — Leslie Dennison, 64; William Asher, 69; Rosemarie Hamann, 68; William Bright, 65, and Janice Bright, 63; and Bob Williams, 73 — passed away as a result of the boating incident.

One teenage boy from Arkansas, 15-year-old Lance Smith, and his father, 53-year-old Steve Smith were also killed in the accident. Local community members gathered in prayer for the victims following the tragedy; see some of the photos below.

Please keep the victims’ families in your prayers during this difficult time. In other recent news, Franklin Graham was banned over his Christian faith and requested prayers from the public.

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