16 Best #CNNBlackmail Memes

July 07, 2017Jul 07, 2017

Earlier this week, CNN went after a reditor who posted a altered gif of Donald Trump beating up CNN. Trump re-tweeted it, and CNN really took offense. They went after the reditor, tracking him down, forcing him to apologize, and even threatening to release his identity. 

The internet collectively lost its mind. CNN had freaked out over one gif, but now there are literally thousands. Alex Jones at Infowars is offering $20,000 for the best Trump vs CNN meme. 

"Make sure to include “infowars.com” on your image for a chance to win! Send your submissions to cnn@infowars.com and feel free to share them on social media with the hashtag #CNNMemeWar," says Jones on the website.

We've collected 16 of our favorites for your enjoyment—16 because we couldn't choose just ten. 







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