146 Year Old Business Just Closed For Good After Major Controversy

April 30, 2017Apr 30, 2017

After 146 years of business, the final act of the Ringling Brothers Circus closed for good.

The circus has been at the center of a major animal rights controversy for a long time. Coupled with a decline in ticket sales as the world changes the preference in entertainment, the circus has been in a decline for some time.

"More and more, unfortunately. we're becoming a society that really doesn't embrace wonder anymore," Ringling's Ringmaster Jonathan Lee Iverson said. "The wonder that we offer, you can't find it on Facebook, you can't find it on YouTube. You have to engage, you have to be there, you have to be present, and it takes relating to others not like yourself. That's how this has been made."

The closure also comes soon after the circus stopped using elephants in their shows amid protests by animal rights activists.

"When we made the decisions to take the elephants off the road, in May of 2016, we saw a drop in ticket sales and attendance way beyond what we anticipated," he said.


Watch the video below for more information about the closing of the circus.

What do you think about this? Will you miss this or are you happy to see it come to an end?

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