13-Year-Old Girl Among Victims In Horrific Axe Attack At Train Station

March 09, 2017Mar 09, 2017

Terror struck a German train Thursday after a man attacked at least five people at a train station in Dusseldorf, swinging an axe at seemingly random people.

According to Heavy, a 13-year-old girl is among the injured. There have not been any reports of deaths.

A huge law enforcement presence is on scene, and authorities say the suspect has been arrested. There have been numerous reports that a second attacker might have been involved.

Another young man was yanked onto the train by a friend after he got struck in the head.

Police have not released a motive for the attacker, but a similar attack in Wuerzburg occurred last year when an ISIS-inspired Pakistani asylum seeker injured several people on a train with an axe.

Germany has been on high alert for radical Islamic terror attacks following numerous incidents, including a ISIS-inspired truck attack that killed 12 people and injured 48 at a Christmas market last December and an Iranian-led mall shooting last July in Munich that killed nine people and injured 36.

One witness to Thursday's axe attack said, "There was blood everywhere," according to the New York Post.

They added, “We were standing on the track, waiting for the train. The train came and suddenly someone jumped out with an axe and hit the people. I have experienced a lot, but I have never experienced it.”

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