12 Year Old Sneezes 12,000 Times A Day; Doctors Rule Out Allergies

October 08, 2015Oct 08, 2015

We’ve all had sneezing fits before where we sneeze five or six times before throwing our hands up in desperation.  That is nothing compared to what this south Texas girl deals with every day.


According to CBS in Dallas/Fort Worth, 12 year old Katelyn Thornley sneezes uncontrollably all day long.  She sneezes on average about 20 times per minute and 12,000 times per day.

The sneezing fit started suddenly over a month ago and she has been sneezing ever since.  “It just started in little spurts.  I just started sneezing.  I thought it was like, oh I’m just allergic to something,” Katelyn said.

The sneezing has disrupted Katelyn’s life so much that she can no longer play her clarinet or even attend school.  “I’m constantly in pain with my abdomen,” Katelyn said, “My legs are hurting because I’ve been weak and I can barely eat.”

So far Katelyn has seen 6 doctors and all of them have come up empty in the search for what is causing the sneezing.  They have ruled out allergies.  The only relief from the constant sneezing comes when Katelyn is asleep.  Unfortunately, it takes Benadryl and listening to the Beatles for her to even fall asleep.

Through this awful affliction, Katelyn is surprisingly in good spirits.  She just wants the sneezing to end so she can get back to her normal life.  Her hope is to one day look back and say, “You know, I was once on TV for sneezing.”