12 Dead After Rare Bacterial Infection Spreads, Here's How Its Spreading

June 25, 2019Jun 25, 2019

A deadly disease has left a dozen people dead after they became infected. Now the news of the horrible bacterial infection is spreading quickly.

According to experts, the bacteria can be found in the throat and on the skin and can be spread through people sneezing, kissing and skin contact. There have been 32 cases reported so far in England.

"It said the outbreak started in Braintree and has since spread to the Chelmsford and Maldon areas," according to Sky News.

For now, Americans appear to be safe. However, the disease could possibly be continuing to spread if it is not controlled soon.

Reports stated that "most of the patients affected are elderly and had been receiving care for chronic wounds, in the community, either in their own homes and some in care homes".

The disease can live in throats and on hands for a while, allowing it the opportunity to spread through contact later on. Please join us in praying for everyone who may be infected. We pray they get well.

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