11 Killed, More Wounded After Gang of Gunmen Open Fire on Innocent Victims

May 20, 2019May 20, 2019

A tragic incident has just taken place in one of the most popular cities on the entire planet. According to reports, gunmen stormed a bar in Rio de Janeiro and began to open fire on innocent people.

"A gang of gunmen roared up to a bar in Belem city in Brazil’s northern Pará state and opened fire, killing six women and five men, media reports said. State officials would confirm only that “a massacre” occurred but gave no details. Police reported that seven gunmen were involved in the attack, which also wounded one person, according to the G1 news website," according to Fox.

The motive for the killing spree has yet to be exactly determined at this time. The massacre comes just weeks after officials tried implementing measures to increase security in the area.

There is little information at this time. Most officials have yet to comment further on the incident.

"A Pará state spokeswoman, Natalia Mello, said only: 'A massacre is confirmed.' State communications officials stopped answering phone calls. Military and civil police in Pará state also did not answer phone calls or respond to emails," reported Fox.

Please join us in praying for everyone who was wounded or killed in the attack. We also pray for their families during this tragedy.

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