10-Year-Old Delivers Baby with YouTube Help

August 15, 2018Aug 15, 2018

10-Year-Old Delivers Baby with YouTube Help

A Virginia girl saved her newborn cousin’s life by delivering her by the aid YouTube videos.

According to WJLA, Chloe Carrion, 10, discovered that her aunt, 21, was pregnant Monday when the two were home alone. The aunt had been hiding her pregnancy from her family.

When she went into the bathroom with stomach pains, she hadn’t realized at that moment she was going into labor.

“She screamed my name and she says, ‘I had a baby!’ And I said, ‘No you didn’t,’ and she said, ‘Yes I did,’” said Carrion.

Carrion rushed into the bathroom, where she discovered that her aunt had given birth on the toilet. Carrion reacted quickly.

“She gave me the baby because she got in the bathtub and she lost a lot of blood, so she fell and passed out. So I called 911,” she said.

With her mother on the way as well, Carrion began to recall YouTube videos she had watched about how to care for an infant. The videos showed how she could swaddle a new baby doll.

“The videos helped me with swaddling and cleaning him up from everything,” she said.

Meanwhile, emergency dispatchers guided her in cutting the umbilical cord.

"She told me to get something to cut it with, so I got the house scissors," said Chloe. "And she told me to tell my aunt to stay calm, to swaddle the baby but try to wipe off most of the blood, and to wait for paramedics to arrive and to get my aunt some water."

When Carrion’s mother, April West, arrived, she found her daughter in control of the situation. Paramedics arrived shortly thereafter.

"Chloe was just standing at the front door with the baby swaddled, and she was rocking him back and forth," said West. "I'm very proud of her. She was so brave. Even as an adult, I don't think I could have done what she did."

Happily, both the mother and the baby are doing well, according to KETV. Carrion’s aunt plans to raise the child, whom they have named Isaac.

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