10 inspiring things we learned from the new issue of FFA magazine – FFA

Tipping points are positive and also negative.

Many people are in a climate depression, paralysed and overwhelmed by the complexity and enormity of this problem. Tim Lenton is a professor of Earth system science at Exeter.

But there is hope. In a news story this issue, Lenton introduces his fascinating research into the potential of positive tipping points – for example, Greta Thunberg coming from nowhere to mobilise millions to take climate action. He exclaims that finding out how to trigger such moments could lead us to climate-solutions faster.

“Small changes can make a big difference,” he says. “We aren’t necessarily insignificant, and we can be the start of – or part of – something that becomes really powerful.”

I’m excited to say that the whole issue is packed with people who are doing just that. By subscribing for Positive News magazine, you can make one positive step now. I hope that you enjoy the issue.