Young Conservative In Apparent Twitter Battle With Obama

After gaining national attention last week, CJ Pearson caught the eye of the White House, just like the Muslim clock kid. But instead of getting a special invite to meet the Commander in Chief, he appears to now be in some sort of Twitter battle with him.

The self-described young conservative political activist, who is still in middle school, released a video on YouTube last week criticizing the president on several issues but focusing on the special treatment Ahmed Mohamed got when he was detained for bringing a clock that looked like a homemade bomb to his school. As of Thursday evening, Pearson's video has gotten close to 2 million views.

Now, according to the The American Mirror, Pearson says he's been blocked from President Obama's Twitter feed.

Pearson told The American Mirror that he finds that attention an honor. In fact, the White House is keeping a close eye on the young activist and released a statement saying that they did not block him on Twitter.

In response, Pearson revealed a screenshot of his account being blocked. He also created a new video disputing the White House's claim and calling them out on several more lies throughout Obama's term.


Pearson wants his own face-to-face meeting with the POTUS to the state of our nation with him.

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