Young Boy Calls Police And Says He Wants To Run Away, Then Officers Took One Look At His Room...

June 08, 2017Jun 08, 2017

When a 13-year-old boy called the police, he never imagined how his life would change forever. Cameron Simmons called police after fighting with his mother and told police he wanted to run away.

When officers arrived at Cameron’s house, they decided to sit down and talk with Cameron. They could have easily dismissed him, but one officer went above and beyond.

Officer Gaetano Acceda talked with Cameron and learned about his home life and why he wanted to run away. Cameron told the officer he was so unhappy at home and wanted a better life.

“He was so upset. I asked him questions about why he didn’t want to live there, and I was complimenting him on his clothes. He had nice clothes and shoes on,” said Acceda.

However, when Cameron took the officer into his bedroom, the officer began to understand the young boy's struggles. The room was completely empty and heartbreaking.

“He took me to his room and it was four walls, two windows, and hardwood floor,” the police officer said. “It was just empty. He had his clothes on the ground in a black garbage bag. I asked him where he sleeps and he said, ‘Sometimes on the couch and sometimes on a blow-up mattress.'”

Officer Acceda decided to do something amazing for Cameron. He got together with some fellow officers and visited Cameron a few days later. They surprised him a television, a desk to study, a chair, a comforter, a Nintendo Wii gaming console of his own and a proper bed.

The officers also got some items for Cameron’s siblings. It was one police call neither of them will ever forget!

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