You Won’t Believe What Disney’s CEO Just Said!

The Walt Disney Company, long beloved by American families, is now revealing more and more of its disconnect from average Americans.


The company recently angered many Christians and conservatives after one of their directors proudly announced that the new live-action “Beauty and the Beast” movie would include a gay romance.

Now the CEO is calling claims that his mainstream media companies are politically biased to the left “completely exaggerated.”

According to Breitbart, Disney owns both ABC News and ESPN.

Last year, according to Truth Revolt, the National Center for Public Policy Research pointed out ABC’s bias in falsely accusing a Tea Party member of committing the Aurora, Colo. theater massacre, even though there was no evidence. They also pointed out an ESPN columnist’s claim that African-American quarterback Robert Griffin III couldn’t represent the black community because he was a Republican with a white fiancee.

ABC host Terry Moran, during President Trump’s inauguration speech, connected Trump’s speech to anti-Semitism and Nazism, according to Fox News.

In 2015, ESPN awarded Caitlyn Jenner the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, even though Bruce hadn’t competed athletically in decades. Newsbusters also reported last year that an ESPN public editor even admitted that consumers were upset over their “leftward movement.”

These are just a few examples of many that have led conservatives to write off both networks as part of the liberal mainstream media, even if they don’t lean quite as hard left as CNN and MSNBC.

But Disney CEO Bog Iger is insisting now that ABC News works “very, very hard to present news in an extremely fair way.”

Iger stood up for financially failing ESPN as well, insisting, “The charge that ESPN is exhibiting significant political bias in its programming is just completely exaggerated.”

Then he added a line sure to make many conservatives guffaw.

“Watch ESPN and you’re not going to see political bias at ESPN.”

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