Wow: Kasich Just Vowed To Sign THIS Controversial Abortion Bill


Most Republicans are Pro-Life, but often the nuances get messy. What about when a mother's life is in danger? Or when the baby is found to have Down's Syndrome? Did you know that about 90% of babies diagnosed with Down's Syndrome are aborted? It's what doctors generally advise.


But Ohio Governor and presidential candidate John Kasich says is he willing to sign a ban on all Down's-related abortions. Talking to Jake Tapper on CNN's "State of the Union," Kasich said, "Look, I'm a governor. I'm a CEO. I have to have my hand steady on the wheel. But in this case, I'm more than glad to say that of course I would sign that."

Life Site News reports:

"Approximately 90 percent of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted in America. However, parents who raise their disabled children have been found to be pleased with their decision -- as are the children themselves. One large survey saw 99 percent of respondents with Down syndrome described themselves as "happy," and 99 percent of parents said they loved their child with Down syndrome.

Only 4 percent of parents who responded said they regretted having their child, while 97 percent said they were proud of them."

We can only imagine the fear and confusion that would come when you hear your unborn baby has Down's Syndrome, but we are so proud of all of the brave parents who go ahead and have their baby--even against the medical advice! And we are proud of Governor Kasich for standing behind such a controversial bill! We need more politicians to stand for every baby! Do you agree?


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