Wow, Did You Know What Planned Parenthood Has Been Doing? Franklin Graham EXPOSES It...

Think about a 30 minute show that you watch. Nearly 15 babies have been killed by Planned Parenthood during that time. And that is repeated, all day, every day.

And for every baby killed, there is a would-be mother who is wounded and will battle the scars of her abortion for the rest of her life. This is the sad truth that the media refuses to talk about.

But President Trump is making good on his promise to Christians to be a pro-life president. He has just made a very shrewd offer to Planned Parenthood: Stop doing abortions and we will fund you.

This is especially shrewd because the liberal complaint is always that conservatives are "against women's health," and that Planned Parenthood provides so many great services to women.

But the truth is that they mainly provide abortions. And President Trump is calling them out on the carpet for that, while also wisely extending them a chance to keep going.

Here, Franklin Graham applauds the President and prays that Planned Parenthood will make this powerful change.



You can read more about the offer at Fox News.

Some are quite skeptical, though, that Planned Parenthood would accept this offer. It's akin to telling Starbucks, "You can stay in business, but you have to stop selling coffee."

Planned Parenthood has basically been hell-bent on aborting babies. But we pray this is a turning point in America!

What do you think of Trump's offer? Let us know in the Comments! Thank you!

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