Woman Steals SUV, Then Calls Mom In Panic After She Realizes What's In The Back Seat

When a Florida man parked his SUV for a few minutes to open his business this morning, a well-known local woman who deals with drug addiction saw her chance. She jumped behind the wheel of the Ford Expedition and took off, but when she looked behind her at the back seat, she was horrified by what she saw.

According to CBS Miami, 33-year-old Lissette panicked and called her mom when she saw a 10-year-old girl in the back seat who had been sleeping there while her dad opened his business.

After Lissette's mom refused to be a party to the crime, Lissette abandoned the SUV and girl and forced a nearby resident to drive her back to the neighborhood she stole it from. Meanwhile, Lissette's mom drove to the scene, found the girl inside the vehicle, and called police. Lissette was arrested a short while later.

Thankfully, the confused and scared 10-year-old girl was unhurt.

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