With O’Reilly Gone, Fox News Hit Hard with Latest News

Fox’s popularity is on the slide with all the internal shifting and purging going on.

With both Roger Ailes, former chairman, and Bill O’Reilly now gone, executives are struggling to keep the ship afloat, according to GOP The Daily Dose


The company faces a ratings freefall and the fear that loyal viewers will abandon the network for other conservative outlets cropping up on the web.

New York Times writer Jim Rutenberg had this to say about the O’Reilly departure: “First there is Mr. O’Reilly’s own audience, which steadfastly stuck with him – and then some – as the revelations about sexually harassment first emerged in the New York Times. For as long as he has been ‘looking out for’ them – as he puts it – he has sworn to beat back the ‘secular progressive’ forces of political correctness.”

Chris Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax Media, a conservative rival of Fox News, agreed that the network is suffering.

“Generally, the Fox audience is not going to be happy the network fired him,” he said. “They’re going to think it was unfair.”

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