WikiLeaks: Hillary's Aides SLAM Hillary, Says 'We Need A Change In Direction'

WikiLeaks just released another e-mail from John Podesta shortly after he became her campaign manager, and it's a doozy.


An e-mail from campaign researcher John Anzalone was sent to Hillary staffers like Robby Mook, Cheryl Mills, Jennifer Palmieri, Mandy Grunwald, and John Podesta asking for their thoughts on possible attacks Republicans could launch on Hillary's weaknesses. What they came up with Donald Trump's campaign couldn't have said better themselves.

Grunwald replied with her ideas:

— "Out of Touch. Should we add that HRC hasn't driven a car in thirty-five (?) years?"

— "Cronyism, foreign governments, I would name some of the countries, particularly those in the Middle East."

— "When HRC recently spoke to bankers at Goldman Sachs, instead of holding them accountable for their activities that crashed the economy, she told them that banker bashing was foolish and had to stop."

— "OBama's Third Term. I would add 'We need a new direction' or 'We need to change course.' at the end."

— "Ineffective. I would add (if possible from a credible source). 'Clinton flew all over the world, but she can't name a single major accomplishment she made as Secretary of State.'"

John Podesta replied with a grand slam:

— "Obama's tried big government solutions for 6+ years and they haven't worked. Now she promises more of the same. We need a change in direction."

What do you think about this?

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