Why THIS Anti-Gun Mural Is Being Labeled As OFFENSIVE To Black People

It's easy for left-wing radicals to claim they're being offended by someone on the right, but it's amazing how easily they can even offend each other.

According to Campus Reform, a Pitzer College student artist found herself in the crosshairs after painting a campus mural of a large handgun with flowers stick out of the barrel. But it wasn't pro-gun conservatives who spoke out against it but rather a liberal activist student senator who said it was terribly offensive to black people.


Gregory Ochiagha sent out a campus-wide email condemning the mural because, "It’s truly in bad taste to have a large depiction of a gun in a dorm space — especially when students of color also reside there. My Black Mental and Emotional Health Matters. I shouldn’t be reminded every time I leave my dorm room of how easy my life can be taken away, or how many Black lives have been taken away because of police brutality. This is emotionally triggering for very obvious reasons."

Fellow student Jessica Folsom defended the mural, pointing out its strong connection to the Vietnam War anti-violence movement when a protestor placed flowers in a National Guardsman's rifle barrel. But despite receiving additional support for her work's message, the artist Selena Spier caved to Ochiagha's demands, agreeing to alter the mural to make it less "offensive."

Spier, who is white and shamefully identifies herself as "entitled," told the Claremont Independent that, “I have absolutely no right to decide whether or not my artwork is offensive to marginalized communities — nor does anyone else in a position of privilege, racial or otherwise.”

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