Why The Terms 'Kids' And 'Teens' Are Now Being Considered Offensive

In an era of political correctness run amok, the terms "kids" and "teens" are now being considered offensive by some on college campuses.


According to Campus Reform, two Scripps College students have released a 217-page "Unofficial Scripps Survival Guide" for new students. Included in the book is a guide to proper political correctness on campus, from asking new acquaintances what their "preferred gender pronoun" is to acknowledging that it's OK to have "a general distaste or hatred of white people" today because of past oppression.

Just as head-scratching is a pronouncement that calling youth "kids" or "teens" is demeaning to them because juvenile terms suggests that they "are incapable of certain leadership roles or don’t have the mental capacity/self[-]control/understanding to articulate or make good decisions.”

Or, in other words, it's insulting to suggest to an 11-year-old that they don't currently possess every bit of knowledge, experience, maturity, and decision-making ability needed to function as a successful adult in society.

Hmm, I guess we'd better kick them out of the house I whole lot earlier. Our parenting is unnecessary.

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