Why Do We Get So Tired In The Afternoon? Is It More Than Just Lunch?

You know how it goes. You were productive all morning at work, and then you took a lunch break. Now that break is over, you're finding yourself drowsy and unmotivated to get back up to speed again for tackling your workload. Are those cheeseburgers, fries, and soft drink to blame? Perhaps. But researchers have revealed another cause


According to the UK Telegraph, University of Adelaide neuro specialist Dr. Fiona Kerr says our bodies were actually designed to sleep twice a day.

But does that mean we should be sleeping four hours at night and four hours in the middle of the day? No.

Kerr says our brains naturally need a nap in the middle of the day, and even just a 15- to 20- minute doze can boost your “cognitive function, memory, alertness, perception levels, stamina, mood, motor skills and creativity — along with decreased stress levels."

And she says it's more valuable than hitting the snooze button multiple times at daybreak.

“Having a nap of twenty minutes is also more beneficial than sleeping for an extra twenty minutes in the morning.

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