Why Did Megyn Kelly Insist On Meeting With Trump Yesterday? Kelly Says...

In a truly surprising move yesterday that shocked the doorman of Trump Tower in New York, Fox News host Megyn Kelly had a one-on-one meeting with GOP frontrunner Donald Trump despite the intense feud between them.


Their battle began when Trump accused Kelly of being an unfair moderator toward him at a Republican debate in August, and the bad blood between them intensified from there with even Fox News releasing a statement claiming that Trump had an "extreme, sick obsession with her."

But on her TV show last night, Kelly revealed why she decided to arrange a meeting with the real estate mogul.

According to CNN, Kelly explained, "We met for about an hour, just the two of us, and had a chance to clear the air. Mr. Trump and I discussed the possibility of an interview, and I hope we will have news to announce on that soon."

Kelly said Trump was gracious in accepting her meeting offer, and afterwards Trump described her as "very, very nice."

He also added, "Maybe it was time... By the way, in all fairness, I give her a lot of credit [for arranging the meeting]."

Will this be the end of a political rivalry that has paralleled a dramatic election season? Time will tell. Although some may be sad to see it go.

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