Why Could Bill and Hillary Clinton be Very Unhappy Today?

Something happened last night that took the Clinton's all the way back to 1992 -- but with a very different outcome.


Bill Clinton became President of the United States in 1992, beating Pres. Bush, in large part because of two very simple words -- Ross Perot.

In 1992, President George H. W. Bush was running for re-election.  He was relatively popular because of the recent victory in the First Gulf War, but had run into problems with a sluggish economy.  Running against him was a young, relatively untested Democratic governor from Arkansas named Bill Clinton.

What changed everything was the entrance of Ross Perot, the Texas billionaire.  Perot ended up getting 18% of the vote, which in all probability came largely from Republicans.  So Bill Clinton ended up winning the Presidency -- with only 43% of the popular vote!

One of Bill and Hillary's great hopes for victory in 2016 has now been dashed.  They undoubtedly hoped that Donald Trump in 2016 would do what Ross Perot did in 1992 -- and run as an independent billionaire third party candidate.  That would pull millions of votes away from the Republicans and help assure another Clinton victory.  

Now that Trump has firmly ruled out a third party candidacy, that option is gone for the Clintons.  an Hillary still win?  It is certainly a possibility -- but now she will be running against a united, and not a divided, Republican party.  So the history of 1992 looks unlikely to repeat itself in 2016.  And Republicans breathed a great sigh of relief!

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