Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar Make OUTRAGEOUS Claims About Trump Supporters

Whoopi Goldberg and fellow "The View" co-host Joy Behar got busted by the Media Research Center's NewsBusters today for some outrageous claims they made about Donald Trump's supporters.


Behar was talking today on "The View" about how the average Trump supporter makes $70,000 and is raving mad.

Whoopi replied by calling the average Trump supporter a racist, saying, "It's blowback from four years of a black president, I feel."

Behar agreed, and the audience cheered. It was unclear why Whoopi referenced four years instead of eight years in her attack.

Then Whoopi called the average Trump support sexist, saying, "I think that's a lot of it. Because that's why the whole woman issue is such a thing. They don't want to hear from their supposed wives what to do with the country. I think when they look at Hillary, forget everything else, she is first and foremost a woman. And I think men still have a hard time with everything that's going on in the world taking this from women."

The audience applauded again.

Behar added her agreement, "I think you’re making the point that 'We said OK to a black president and now we have to say OK to a woman?' It’s like too much. It’s too much."

I think you’re making the point that “We said ‘okay’ to a black president and now we have to say ‘Okay’ to a woman?” It’s like too much. It’s too much.

Too bad Candace Cameron Bure wasn't on the show today. She would undoubtedly have taken Whoopi and Behar to the task for that.

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