Who Will Be the Next 3 to Drop Out — and Who Will be the Final Four?

The Republican Presidential race started out with 16 people. It is now down to just 9, with 3 having dropped out after Iowa — Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, and Rand Paul.


Now this week comes the nation's first primary (Iowa was technically a caucus), and it's quite likely that on Wednesday and Thursday more candidates are likely to drop out. Here are some of the most likely to drop out.

1) Jim Gilmore. Jim Gilmore, the former governor of Virginia, is still in the race, even after having gained almost no votes in Iowa. Most people would certainly recommend that he drop out after New Hampshire or South Carolina.
2) Jeb Bush. Jeb has spent tens of millions of dollars through his campaign and SuperPAC, and there are two schools of thought. One is that, if he does not finish in the top 5 in New Hampshire, he should gracefully call it quits. The other thought is that he still has lots of money in the bank and will stay around hoping he will rise as the field narrows.
3) John Kasich. John is an extremely able governor of Ohio; he has staked all his hopes on a top finish in New Hampshire. If he does not finish in the top 4, he is likely to go home.

Who will the Final 4 be? At this point it seems highly probable that Trump, Rubio and Cruz will be 3 of the final candidates. Who will be the 4th? It will quite likely be whoever comes in 4th in New Hampshire; the leading candidates for that are Bush, Christie, Kasich, Fiorina, and Carson.

So tune in Wednesday to see if we are correct!

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