Who Do Pastors Support For President? The Answer Might Shock You

If you thought the national polls in the mainstream media were an accurate representation of whom America supports to be the next president, you haven’t gotten the whole picture.

While Donald Trump holds a lead in a majority of nationwide polls, he is trailing heavily when it comes to one specific demographic.  According to the Blaze, a new poll shows Trump failing to gain much support from pastors.

The LifeWay Research poll shows that only 5% of pastors support Trump for president.  On the other end of the spectrum, 29% of pastors support Ted Cruz. 

Ben Carson comes in third place with 10% and Rubio accounts for 8%.  An additional 8% would choose to vote for one of the “other” candidates.

All is not lost for Trump though.  Approximately 39% of the pastors are still undecided.

Why do you think Trump is having a hard time resonating with pastors?

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