White House Attacks GOP Candidates But Can’t See The Irony In THESE Statements

The White House used their pulpit to once again slam the Republican party.  According to Breitbart, the attacks come against all of the current GOP presidential candidates.

“We’ve on a number of occasion had an opportunity to express our significant concerns with some of the divisive rhetoric that has been uttered on the campaign trail,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said on Monday. “Not just by Trump but by a variety of Republican candidates for president.

Earnest then invoked “American values” when attacking the Republicans.  “Many of those declarative statements are in direct conflict with basic American values,” Earnest said, “the kinds of values that were critical to the founding of this nation and values that have long been cherished by generations of America.”

The irony was lost on Earnest and the Obama administration who have less than half of the support of American citizens and have engaged in fundamentally changing and destroying American values. 

The Obama administration has repeatedly used the phrase “American values” when trying to shame Republicans and Conservatives for not supporting Democrat and Liberal political agendas.

Earnest doubled down on his rhetoric. “The leaders of the other countries are watching. The populations of the other countries are watching. And part of a presidential campaign is to demonstrate to the American people, who ultimately will be doing the choosing here, that you have the aptitude to lead the country, and that means being a faithful messenger when it comes to articulating the values of the country.”

It is imperative that Earnest and the Obama administration heed their own advice and listen to the American people and support American values during their remaining months in office.

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