When Asked To Defend Comments About 'Better Choices Than Trump,' Ben Carson Replies...

Ben Carson doesn't seem to be finding his new life as one of Donald Trump's most visible supporters easy.


Since endorsing Trump last month, Carson has suggested that even if Trump's a bad president we'll only have him for four years, has said that Trump has "major defects," and has stated that there are probably better people than Trump to be president.

Now according to the Washington Free Beacon, Carson was questioned about his "better choices than Trump" comment during an interview with CNN.

Carson replied, “I don’t think you have to really think about that. Doesn’t matter what you’re doing. There are better people than me at neurosurgery. There are better people than you at being a broadcaster. There are better people at everything.”

Asked if he had someone better in mind for president, Carson said, “I don’t think that that’s a useful place to go, but it’s an obvious statement."

He then added, “If you drop a brick off of a building, it’s going to fall. Obviously, there’s always going to be someone who’s better at virtually anything. It doesn’t mean that you’re not good, but of course there always better people at anything. That should be an obvious statement.”

Asked what would make Trump a better choice, Carson replied, “There’s always more things to learn. There’s always the possibility of trying to learn more about the constituency … Working on trying to allow them to be successful.”

Do you think Carson is helping or hurting Trump with his newest answer?

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