When Are VP Running Mates Typically Chosen? History Says...

As the Republican National Convention (July 18-21 in Cleveland) and the Democratic National Convention (July 25-28 in Philadelphia) near, speculation over who Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will announce as their running mates has grown to a fevered pitch. But with both candidates virtually uncontested by other candidates in their own parties, why are they taking so long? When do presidential candidates typically make their VP announcements?


According to About.com, candidates normally announce their picks within just days or weeks of their parties' conventions. In fact, only twice in modern history have they waited until the conventions themselves. Those presidential candidates were Ronald Reagan, who picked George H.W. Bush, and later George H.W. Bush, who picked Dan Quayle.

Historically, that would put Trump's and Clinton's announcements...just any day now. CNN reported yesterday that it believes Trump will announce next week.

Who do you hope or expect Trump's and Clinton's running mates to be?

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