What Will Megyn Kelly Ask Donald Trump Tonight — and What Will Happen?

When Fox News had its first Republican Presidential debate, they had record ratings — and fireworks when Fox host Megyn Kelly asked Donald Trump repeated questions that he deemed offensive.

The next time they were scheduled to be together in a debate, Donald cancelled because he did not feel he was getting proper respect and because of his first experience.

Now, tonight, for the first time in a long while, Donald will be at a debate with Megyn Kelly as one of the hosts. Here are 3 things that could happen.


1) Nothing might happen. It could well be that the tension between Trump and Rubio and Cruz will dominate the evening, and there might be relatively little tension between Donald and Megyn.

2) Megyn could attack and Trump might counter. If Megyn Kelly attacks Trump strongly again, Donald is not the type to take attacks lying down — and there could be fireworks again!

3) Megyn could come on strong and Trump may defer. Donald in the last debate was fairly self-controlled when attacked repeatedly by Rubio, and it helps him look more presidential. If Megyn Kelly comes on strong and Trump is gracious in response, it may win him lots of points.

Whatever happens, tonight's debate will not be boring!

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