What The Tennessee House, Senate Want To Do With The Bible

The Tennessee House of Representatives and at least one Senate committee has agreed to make this a statewide stance: The Bible is vital.


According to Christianity Today, a bill to make the Bible the official book of Tennessee is moving its way through the statehouse. The governor and attorney general, though, oppose the measure, saying it violates both the state's constitution and the U.S. Constitution.

Republican state senator Kerry Roberts supports the bill, pointing out that George Washington himself chose to swear upon a Bible when he was inaugurated president.

He added that in regard to the first Congress, "the attitude of these people was not to keep religion out of government. It was to keep government out of religion."

State senator Todd Gardehire, who also backs the bill, emphasizes the Bible's historical value even if people don't agree with its religious values. That in itself makes it worthy of being Tennessee's official book.

What do you think?

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