WHAT?! Smartphone Gun Generates FIRESTORM Of Controversy

A new gun awaiting a patent is already stirring a lot of controversy.


According to Guns.com, someone has developed a .380 caliber gun disguised as a smartphone and is trying to get it on the market. Dubbed the Ideal Conceal, the super slim pistol looks like a typical smartphone with a chunky case and belt clip, but once you pull down the handle and flick the safety off, it can become a short-range self-defense tool.

The Ideal Conceal has two barrels for a single shot each, and while Concealed Nation claims that both barrels fire at once, giving you only one chance to take down a baddie, the developer's website doesn't make that clear.

The Ideal Conceal developer touts the gun as allowing you to easily carry a concealed firearm anywhere you go, but Concealed Nation does point out that with the high rate of smartphone thefts, a robber could easily and mistakingly steal your gun. Other critics have pointed out the problem of carrying a gun that no one knows is a gun, and Snopes.com recently felt compelled to dispel a rumor that the gun was actually designed by criminals to hide their firearms from police.

Do you think a smartphone gun is a good idea?

On a side note, there's no indication that the smartphone gun makes calls. It's probably not a good idea to press a gun to the side of your head anyway.

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