What Percentage Of Americans See Widespread Government Corruption?

Gallup is always trying to feel the pulse of the nation, and their latest polls focus on how we feel about our government.

What percentage of Americans see widespread government corruption?
A whopping 75%. That number is actually down from 79% in 2013 and equal to 2009 but is up from 66% in 2009 and 67% in 2007.

What percentage of Americans think the government regulates business too much?
49%. It's been slightly higher at 50% in 2012, but overall the Obama Administration has seen numbers in the high 40s while the Bush Administration saw numbers in the high 30s. The number of respondents who see the government as regulating business too little has seen a slow decline during the Obama Administration to hit a low point of 21%

What percentage of Americans see the government as an immediate threat to their rights and freedoms?
49%. In 2003 the number was only 30% but saw a steep rise during the second half of the Bush Administration. It's seen a slow but near-steady climb during Obama's years in office.


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