What is Donald Trump's Big Announcement Today?

On Sunday, and on Monday, Donald Trump let people know there would be a major announcement made on Tuesday.  Rumors had it that the announcement would be a major endorsement.


Well, it turns out they were right. The New York Times reports that Sarah Palin is endorsing Donald Trump for President.

This is a major surprise for many reasons. While Trump is doing well in the polls and is a strong leader, it would have made sense for Sarah Palin to endorse Ted Cruz or one of the more socially conservative candidates in the race. She herself was known as a strong social conservative and Christian.

Her announcement, though, is quite major, and is being announced in Ames, Iowa where Trump is campaigning. Sarah Palin was the Governor of Alaska and was the 2008 Vice Presidential nominee on John McCain's ticket. She has been a strong voice for conservatism.

Her endorsement will add weight to Trump's candidacy. Among those expressing concern about Trump are conservatives who are not sure if Trump is truly a conservative, given his past stands. Sarah Palin will probably help Trump's cause with some of those who are doubters.

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