What is Bernie Sanders Saying About the Iowa Results?

February 03, 2016

The Iowa caucus results for the Democrats were incredibly close. Hillary Clinton edged out Bernie Sanders by a fraction of a percent — and was awarded slightly more caucus delegates as a result.


Now Bernie Sanders is challenging those results — and asking for a recount! This has happened before; with the Republican party in 2012, Mitt Romney was originally declared the winner. After a recount which took time, Rick Santorum was actually found to be the winner.

With over 1,600 precinct locations, it is easy for a few votes to be miscounted. In the case of Iowa, there were apparently 6 locations where the winner was decided by a coin toss. As Bernie Sanders then stated, it seems somehow inappropriate for a democracy to decide results in a coin toss!

So far the Iowa Democratic party has said they would not do a recount, but pressure may build on them to honor the will of the people and make sure the count was correct.