What Franklin Graham Has To Say About Waterboarding

Did you catch last week's debate? The moderators asked Trump what he thought about waterboarding--a military interrogation technique using water poured over the face with a cloth covering it, to simulate the sensation of drowning. Trump said he would not be against it: "I happen to think that when you're fighting an enemy that chops off heads, I happen to think that we should use something that's stronger than we have right now. Right now, basically, waterboarding is essentially not allowed, as I understand it. ... I would certainly like it to be, at a minimum, at a minimum to allow that."

A lot of people think it's torture and it's wrong, so of course the comment was inflammatory.  But Franklin Graham seems to think that waterboarding is not out of the question--and that we need to do what it takes to protect our country. Here's what he had to say in a recent Facebook post.


What do you think about Trump and Graham's comments? Do you agree? Disagree? Let us hear how you feel in the Comments! Thank you!

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