What does Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty say is the scariest word in our culture today?

Phil Robertson has strong feelings about America -- and he speaks his mind! In a recent interview he said what he thought was the scariest word today.


Phil Robertson is a strong leader -- a committed Christian -- a successful businessman -- and one who speaks his mind. In a recent interview with Town Hall, Phil said the scariest word for our culture today? It is "repent."

To repent means to turn to God from our own wrong direction. According to Phil, "everyone needs to repent and turn to God, they really do." For Phil, this happened when he left his "idiot phase" as he put it and turned to God.

Phil's message this Christmas season is we all need God. We need to be willing to turn from our own ways -- even if this is not politically correct -- and ask God for forgiveness. God can give us a new life.

As for Phil, he says now if he teaches a Bible study he needs armed men around him. He has not shrunk back from controversy, as when he talked about the Bible's teaching a year ago and almost lost his TV show. Phil will not back down if he believes in what he is saying -- and we need more of that in this politically correct world. Go Phil!

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