What Do Americans FEAR The Most? A New Poll Reveals

According to a recent poll conducted by Chapman University, Americans had a wide range of fears.  In April of this year, the university randomly polled 1,541 adults around the country.

The top ten things that American fear are:

1)   Corruption of government officials – 58%

2)   Cyber terrorism – 44.8%

3)   Corporate tracking of personal data – 44.6%

4)   Terrorist attack – 44.4%

5)   Government tracking of personal data – 41.4%

6)   Bio-warfare – 40.9%

7)   Identity theft – 39.6%

8)   Economic collapse – 39.2%

9)   Running out of money in the future – 37.4%

10) Credit card fraud – 36.9%

See the whole list here.

Other interesting things of note are that Obamacare (35.7%) and Gun control (36.5%) are high on the list of fears.  Those two fears may go hand in hand with people not trusting the government.

Bernie Sanders’ biggest fear, global warming, shows up on the list at number 21 with 30.7% of people in fear of it.

Some other interesting fear statistics include:

Illegal Immigration – 29.7%

Drought – 29.4%

Robots Replacing Workforce – 28.9%

Overpopulation – 24%

Whooping cough – 13.5%

Expressing opinion – 9.7%

Zombies – 8.5%

What do you fear the most?

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