WH Press Sec. Slams Dems As She Explains Exactly Why Trump Fired Comey

Filling in for Sean Spicer, White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders on Wednesday answered questions from reporters about exactly why President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey Tuesday evening.

“The president had lost confidence in James Comey, and frankly he’d been considering letting Comey go since the day he was elected,” Huckabee-Sanders explained, but said U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had come to Trump first on Monday to express their concerns about Comey.

Huckabee-Sanders is the daughter of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee.

She added, “I think most of America on its own had decided that Director Comey was not the person that should be leading the FBI, as evidenced by the numerous comments that we’ve seen from Democrat members in the House and Senate, Republican members, members of the FBI, and people across the board.”

Huckabee-Sanders said a catalyst to all this happening now was that last Wednesday “Director Comey made a pretty startling revelation that he had essentially taken a stick of dynamite and thrown it into the Department of Justice by going around the chain of command when he decided to take steps without talking to the attorney general or deputy attorney general when holding a press conference and telling them that he would not let them know what he was going to say.”

“And that is simply not allowed,” she explained.

She also said that Comey “has shown over the last several months — and frankly the last year — a lot of missteps and mistakes.”

Huckabee-Sanders pointed out how much the Democratic leadership has wanted Comey gone, and said, “Frankly, I think it’s startling that Democrats aren’t celebrating this since they’ve been calling for it for so long.”

Answering accusations that Trump is being inconsistent, too, because he praised Comey’s reopening of the investigation into Hillary’s email scandal, Huckabee-Sanders explained that Trump was a candidate then, not the president, and he’s since learned of Comey’s “atrocities in circumventing the chain of command in the Department of Justice.”


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