We’ve Got The List: Famous Retail Stores Closing in 2017

There are so many shoppers that are increasingly turning to online stores to find great deals. The retail stores that are closing cannot keep up with the fashion, price, and selection from the online stores.


Physical store closings are not always a sign of troubled times, but the sacrifices necessary to achieve greater profitability.

Here are the Famous Retail Stores Closing in 2017 according to www.clark.com:

JCPenney - 130 to 140 stores

Macy’s - 68 stores

Sears & Kmart - 150 stores

HHGregg - 88 stores

Abercrombie & Fitch - 60 stores
Shut down about 60 U.S. locations, A&F will have 670 remaining stores

Crocs - 160 stores
Trimming some 160 stores from it’s 558-store portfolio by the end of 2018.

The Limited - 250 stores
The Limited closed all of its nearly 250 stores across the country on January 8.

Wet Seal - 171 stores
Bankrupt clothing store Wet Seal has shut down all of its 171 stores.

American Apparel - 110 stores
Made in the USA clothing manufacturer American Apparel is expected to close all of its remaining 110 stores very soon.

BCBG - 120 stores
High-end women’s clothing chain BCBG is closing about 120 stores.

CVS - 70 stores
Back in December 2016, we first told you that CVS had plans to close 70 locations across the country in early 2017.

Family Christian - 240 stores
Announced February 23 that 240 stores in 36 states would be permanently closed.








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