Washington State Opens Up All Public Women's Bathrooms To Men

You might do a double-take next time you walk into a restroom in the state of Washington.


According to a FOX News affiliate, a policy took effect in Washington on Dec. 26 that allows transgender people to use restrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity. But it doesn't require a person to have special surgeries. Rather, it simply allows someone to abide by whichever gender they decide to express when taking a trip to the loo.

This ruling applies to all public buildings, including schools.

Not surprisingly, the ACLU supports the move, but Republican state senator Doug Ericksen does not, writing “Parents have a right to expect that when their children go to school, the boys will use the boys’ locker room and the girls will use the girls’ locker room.”

Will this come to mind next time you head to the toilet in the Evergreen State?

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