Want To Build Your Pain Tolerance? Make More Friends, Study Says

If you want to build your pain tolerance, make more friends, a new study says. And while some friends do build your tolerance and patience levels by testing them, science is discovering an additional benefit to friends if you have quite a few of them.


According to the UK Telegraph, researchers at Oxford University tested a theory that, as doctoral student Katerina Johnson says, “social interactions trigger positive emotions” by boosting endorphins in our brains.

“Endorphins are part of our pain and pleasure circuitry — they're our body's natural painkillers and also give us feelings of pleasure,” she explains.

In order words, the “feel-good factor that we get from seeing our friends” is triggered by endorphins that also battle our physical pain. The study found that people with a larger group of friends have a higher tolerance to pain. But researchers are trying to figuring out why this effect has been waning in recent years.

Johnson’s theory is that, "As a species, we've evolved to thrive in a rich social environment but in this digital era, deficiencies in our social interactions may be one of the overlooked factors contributing to the declining health of our modern society."

If anything else, the connection between social interaction and pain management is yet another good reason to gather around those in pain to offer them love, support, and

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