US Government Sued For Withholding Strategic Climate Change Documents

Government watchdog group, Judicial Watch, has sued the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for the same documents that the agency withheld from members of Congress.

The documents in question relate to the Agency’s methods used in collecting, adjusting, and disseminating the bulk climate change data.  NOAA gathers data in many ways, including temperature gauges on land, buoys at sea, and satellites circling earth.

According to Judicial Watch, they are investigating NOAA because the agency is considered to be the “environmental intelligence agency” and is the leading collector of climate change data.

They are also investigating NOAA because the agency refused House Representative Lamar Smith’s subpoena to turn over documents to the congressional committee. 

Lamar Smith (R-TX) wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Times in which he accused the agency of “failing to consider” all of the data, purposefully leaving out strategic data, and adjusting some data to meet their agenda.

The NOAA’s reluctance to hand over documents is a tell-tale sign that they have something to hide.  Just what it is, Judicial Watch hopes to find out.

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