UNREAL! The National Debt Has Raised THIS Much In Only 6 Months

At the end of last October in the very early morning on the 30th, the establishment Republicans in the Senate helped push through a budget deal that gave Obama and the Democrats everything that they had asked for with no limits to the debt.  It was a startling example of the broken system in Washington. Both parties acted together for the detriment of the entire country.

At the time the Budget was signed by Obama, the national debt was just over $18 trillion dollars, a number that is staggering and unfathomable.  According to CNSnews, that number has ballooned far higher and faster than anyone expected.

Only 6 months after the bi-partisan budget was signed the national debt now exceeds $19 trillion dollars.  The national debt has more than doubled since Obama took office and is taking on additional debt at a rate unseen in America’s history.

At the alarming rate that the debt is accruing it could continue to increase by another 1 or 2 trillion dollars before Obama leaves office, leaving the country in a very precarious and dangerous situation.

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