University Caves To Anti-White Protestors, Delivers Dean To The Chopping Block

The breakdown in the education system continued in Washington when Seattle University officials caved to demands from racist protestors and placed the Dean on administrative leave and met the protestors other demands.


The protests began when a group of students with the emotional capacity of toddlers complained about the liberal arts curriculum. According to Fox the students cried that “the only thing they’re teaching us is dead white dudes.”

Having to learn about white people has caused the soft students “traumatization, boredom, and dissatisfaction” and they claim that their experience has been “profoundly damaging and erasing, with lasting effects on our mental and emotional well-being.”

The crybaby brigade of liberal arts students have staged a sit-in at the University for the past three weeks instead of going to class. The group identifies themselves as being “led by queer folx, womxn of color, and people of color.” Their long list of demands calls for an entirely new curriculum that “decentralizes whiteness.”

The University has since caved to the delicate flowers and canned the Dean. It won’t be long before the university caves completely and gives in to the protestors racist demands.

At this point, what is the point of college if students dictate what they are going to be taught and are allowed to engage in blatant racism?

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